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Coming to the end of our rope.

The old barn on our farm was built in the late 1800s and was used for farming till about 2015. It still holds some machinery and other things. What I remember about this magnificent structure was the rope sheave chained to the roof. The sheave (pulley) was used with the old hay forks back when hay lofts were filled with loose hay. That practice would have been way before my time. All I remember about haymaking was the hay bales that were are long as I was tall! The sheave, no longer used for hay had become an amusement for me. A rope had been run through it and secured. The large hemp rope became a swing and the rope with knot tied at the end was a source of fun that would last for hours.

Impolite Society

If I prepared a mystery food and placed it in front of you, would you eat it without asking what it was? Would you trust my choice? Or, would you cordially decline and or ask several probing questions? Would you sniff the food? Fact is, unless you are starving to death and no other food is available, you would not eat the food; no questions needed. We like what we like and tend to seek our creature comforts and personal likes. Only occasionally will we venture into unknown waters and try new things. I have been at a conference for our church denomination the last couple days and have noticed something a bit odd. Our dining room is large, perhaps 200x100 in size (maybe larger). We enter the

What is next?

*Scratching and squeaking emanating from the pantry *Foggy roads after dusk *Roads covered with black ice *Futures that are uncertain *Unknown illnesses with no diagnoses These are just a few things that set my heart to race a bit faster and my mind to overthink. What will happen in the fog, on the ice, in the future, to my body, and tomorrow? So many questions and too few answers to suit me. Maybe you worry about such things; maybe you don't. Scriptures are fairly clear and God has said many times, "Do not worry." I guess if God has said it, I should listen. Many times I do not. If God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, then what have any of us to fear? Revisit my list of fear grow

The value of Sunday School teachers.

Investing money into a stock portfolio or in your local bank is never a bad thing. Somewhere down the road a dividend will be realized. Investing into a young life whether in a public school or the local church school is never wasted either. I was reintroduced to a large business envelope that contained a plethora of keepsakes. You know, those things that children color and paste, then give to mommies and daddies. There were a number of homemade cards and drawings from Kayt, Eric, and Kenny. In some cases, I needed to look at, study, rotate in my hands, and finally come to some conclusion about what the drawing was. It meant the world to me the day our children made and offered them to me.

Stain buster.

Oops, (loud crash) I just spilled spaghetti all over the carpet? Hmm, do I use a shop vac? Club soda? Maybe bleach will work? What takes a stain out of a carpet? Quick, I need help. When you need carpet cleaning help, who do you turn to? HONEY, bring me the garden hose!!! Yesterday, we had a professional carpet and tile cleaning company come to work on our floors. In my head, I'm still using the 1980 rental carpet scrubber. Just put some solution in the holding tank and get busy. These fellows had their scrubber in the back of a full size van. No, I mean the van was the scrubber. They had high pressure pumps, gauges, wands, special attachments, and enough specialized chemicals to start

Are we listening?

Ever have the hair on the back of your neck feel like it is standing straight up? I have. There have been moments when I was near unseen danger and something internal activated the 'neck hair stand straight' button. Call it intuition, extrasensory perception, the Holy Spirit or anything you want, it is a bit freaky when it occurs. Especially after the fact when you realize a great tragedy was averted because you paid attention to the feeling. What would have happened had you blazed forward and ignored the subtle change? Our word from the Word of God comes out of the book of wisdom Proverbs 22. King Solomon, perhaps the most wisdomatic person to ever live offered us some direction. (Wisdomati

We all have a song in our heart.

I remember the day over 25 years ago when I jumped in my truck, dropped it in reverse, and backed up -- right into the door of our other vehicle. I walked right past the SUV to get to my truck. I glanced in the mirror but failed to notice the bright blue and white thing sitting there. I remember uttering words. Some of which I am glad I don't use anymore. I had a song in my heart but it strained to come out that day. Happy songs are a great treasure to have. They can lift the most difficult moment and brighten the darkest corner. The day I wrecked our vehicle, the song was probably something like, "Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen." Much change has come to my heart over those 25+ years and