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You've heard the joke about the man who visited his doctor and complained of his ears ringing and great pressure behind his eyeballs. The doctor gave him some medications and sent him home. He went back a few weeks later and complained again, the doctor gave him water pills and sent him home. Finally the man thinking he was near death went to his tailor to buy a suit in which he would be buried. He was to the point of no return and had given up hope. The tailor measured his arms, his chest, and his neck. Writing down the sizes, the tailor said, "Arms are 32, chest is 40, and your neck is 17 inches." The man looked astonished and said, "No, my neck should be 15 inches." The two argued b

"Strength Reflecting Tolerance Level"

So I had high cholesterol at one time. I didn't know it was high till random blood work by my employer revealed a total cholesterol number north of 320. That was over 10 years ago. At the time I thought, "Oh that's nice." with no plans to address the issue. It was here that a colleague who is much smarter than I suggested I do something about this high number. I thought, "wouldn't it be cool to take one statin pill and immediately have cholesterol numbers fall within a safe range?" That isn't how it works though. Statin drugs must be taken daily and over a period of time reach a certain level within one's body to combat the effects of cholesterol and plaque within arteries and muscle ti

"Master Creator!"

When considering all that I have seen in my small part of the world, I'm always humbled to think of all the beauty I have not seen. The peaks of the Rockies and the shores of New England are just two of thousands of destinations on my bucket list. Will I ever empty the bucket? I sure hope not. It is in exploring and scaling new heights and places that sharpen the image of God for me that can be so nebulous at times for many. In the simplest tree toad, I see God's creativity and then there is the plethora of flowers, birds, sea creatures and mammals that are as diverse as the sky is blue. (Photo - Top of 1,000 Steps looking toward Mapleton Depot) Psalm 8:1 O LORD, our Lord, how majestic i

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