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Deer Jesus

I am not the best hunter in the world. I try to think like the animal I'm seeking to harvest though. It usually means I overthink the plan and end up being duped by the animal. Or, I'll get complacent about the animal and reduce it to a dumb creature that I can outsmart. Case in point, my antlered deer hunting failures have accumulated to an astronomical number that we won't discuss in any detail here. Here is what I know about these forest creatures. They have a whole set of senses I do not possess. Okay, I will relent and tell you a few of my failures in hunting. How about the time I was sitting on a small hill looking down into the brush and a small grass path. I had been there abou

Treasure Within

It used to be all the rage to only buy products that had the Good Housekeeping Seal (GHS) of approval label attached. The media promoted the idea and many consumers bought into the notion that something with the 'seal' on it was trustworthy, worth the investment, and good! Perhaps I don't listen as intently as I used to or the promotion of Good Housekeeping seals has diminished over the years. Not sure which is the case. Never the less, it was with some surprise that I noticed the seal on a product that I recently purchased. I looked closer and thought, "I guess the Good Housekeeping Seal is still a 'thing'." You might be able to guess what I did for the next five aisles of the grocery st

Are You An Answer To Prayer?

I pray it doesn't snow. I pray I can get out of bed. I pray for a better year than last year. I pray for my car to start. I pray for __________. Do you pray? Well, it is an honest question. If we are created by God with God's image tucked within us then it stands to reason that we would have a penchant to want to converse with the Almighty. Is there anything to big or too small to lift in prayer to the one who placed the stars in place and named them one by one (Isaiah 40:26)? I love when people walk up to me and tell me, "I pray for you and your family everyday." It is as if someone put an IV of Monster energy drink in my arm and set it to drip at 15 ml. per minute. I feel good. I get

Let's Be Honest

I have never (NEVER) owned a brand new vehicle. It isn't that I haven't wanted to but rather I (we) have never been able to afford the type of vehicle I prefer that is brand new. The default for vehicle buying for us then is predicated upon latest model with the lowest mileage, the best condition, and at the right price. Recently, we were told by the inspection mechanic that the 2003 pick-up, while passing inspection, was beginning to show signs of age (aka rusting away). With that information along with signs of wear and tear I had noticed lately, we set out to buy a newer pick-up. And we did. The new truck (new to us but not really brand new) is a 2012 model and is in decent shape for

Those In The Know

"At the end of your life you will groan, when your flesh and body are spent. You will say, “How I hated discipline! How my heart spurned correction! I would not obey my teachers or listen to my instructors." (Proverbs 5:11-13, NIV) I am 'thee' world's best driver..... Okay, let me start over. I am one of the top five world's best drivers..... Um, can I say I am in the top 100???? As a matter of fact, I am not even in the conversation and we'll just leave it at that. It is here that I commend those drivers out on the road who make a living driving. Over the road truckers are highly trained and tested to be at the top of their game while navigating the highways. Do they always get it ri