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The Commodity of Time

168 24 7 50 Just a bunch of numbers at first blush, but actually each one represents a treasured 'hour' value. The first is how many hours each of us get in a week's time. The second is obviously how many hours we get each day. The third is an arbitrary number we are encouraged to target for our daily sleep time. The last is an average number that most folks have to work. Admittedly some folks work less and some work much more per week. Nevertheless, the notion that time is a commodity that we are given to use in the economy of our lives is the focus of this musing. Perhaps folks have said it and I wasn't hearing it. I am discovering the older I get the more time seems

The Theology of the Domino Effect

It was just a drink. Granted, it was sitting on an automobile roof, but none the less it was a trivial matter. I watched as the lady placed the drink on her car roof then proceeded to buckle her daughter into the back seat. The care and consideration for her child and the safety precautions were welcome sights in a world that often cuts corners and forgets civility and protocol. As I watched, it became apparent the drink was a forgotten detail and the lady walked to her driver door and jumped in. The drink looked out of place and for a moment I thought, "Huh, too bad about that lady and her drink." Chick Fil A, started by Truett Cathy, is an inviting place where good food, pleasant employ

Know Your Snakes!

Most who know me well, know that I will be out on a hiking trail on my day off (sometimes I run). The other day our family went hiking and headed north on Peter's Mountain in Dauphin county. What a great day to be outdoors enjoying God's creation. Many others were out doing likewise. We encountered more than half a dozen North Bound (NOBO) through hikers who were destined to kiss the sign on Mt. Katahdin Maine in the next few months. Most NOBO thru hikers are recognizable by their over-stuffed backpacks and gaunt facial features; others by a stronger than normal body odor (Insert smile here). The rest of us hikers were out attempting a day hike or a section hike. One such couple was traveli