It's Worse Than I Thought....

"Getting old isn't for sissies." I was once told that by a client in need of an oxygen concentrator and a walker. That was over 20 years ago, but a statement that has become close and personal to me lately. I could do nothing but nod my head in agreement that day in Clearfield. The last time I shared a post here, I mentioned a compliment I had been given from a young man. I was enamored that he thought I looked like Enos from the TV show the Dukes of Hazzard. Well as it turns out, I misheard him. I saw him again recently and he said with more volume, "Oh, Roscoe, you're back!" Hearing is a wonderful thing when it works well. Take for instance the other day while I was out on a hike. I was tr


Everyone likes to hear a compliment once in a while. To have someone say, "Atta boy." or "Atta girl." always lifts the spirit and brings a sense that one is actually not invisible and is in fact noticed and appreciated. I have heard a lot of compliments over my lifetime. Some have been sincere and some have been offered out of rote responses. "Oh pastor, such an inspiring message." "Pastor, I didn't hear the sermon you gave but your tie is beautiful." The other day I was honored to bring worship to some people who have experienced emotional trauma and who have specific care needs. I was sitting in a small room waiting for the service to begin. John, Greta, and Mary (not their real names) w

Sad, Sadder, Saddest

I cried when "Old Yeller" had to be put down in the Disney classic....there I said it. Other movies where animals have died accomplished the same thing in me (Bambi, Lion King, etc). Growing up on a farm required that I set aside deep emotional attachments to animals knowing full well that each one would go the way of market, disease, or natural causes. Kitties would get hit by motorists or become stricken with disease, dogs would die of old age, farm animals would become food for our family and all held a place in my heart. My mind had to compartmentalize each scenario and realize the life of each animal was special and it existed for a time for some purpose. It was with some apprehension

Losing and Finding

Please, can someone tell me it isn't Monday? Anyone? Nobody? Um, okay. I am currently in mid crisis of sorts. Either I have too many irons in the fire and they are all getting red hot at the same time or I am showing signs of aged mis-remembering. Or, is it Monday on a loop.....? A couple months ago I saw a really sweet oil lamp in a local store. I thought how nice it would be to carry this thing on overnight hikes and use it for light. So like any good red-blooded guy, I purchased the thing and added a couple bottles of lamp oil to accompany the pretty blue lamp. So far, so good! I brought it home, read the instructions...(Yes, you read that right. I read the instructions.) Adding oil, ligh

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