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Deeply Rooted

Wind and water are two amazing elements in creation that are both intriguing and amazingly powerful. Gurgling streams and gentle breezes sooth the soul and bring peace, while accounts of floods and tornadoes make one stand in awe at the shear force of both. The other day, we had a nice float down the Juniata river and drank in the scenery. The river was lower and in some places, the rapids brought the heart rate up a few beats. Overall, it was a good 3+ hours of relaxation and rejuvenation. Turtles basked in the sun, water skippers danced, raptors soared overhead, and occasional trains lumbered down the nearby track. As we drifted along, I couldn't help notice the riverbank and all of its in

What To Do With Spilt Paint?

Last time we were here, Monday was the sordid topic. This past Wednesday was apparently invaded by the Monday nemesis. It has been said and oft quoted, "Don't cry over spilt milk." The same can be said for spilt paint. I was revisiting a jobsite from a week of mission work in our area. I intended to finish some painting and was mid project when I switched from red to white paint. The work had been going smoothly. I tidied up the red paint can, brush, and paint holder and set about to shake the white gallon of paint. Eventually I would pop the lid and stir it well. I should mention the gallon of white paint had been previously opened, used, and the lid put back in place but not secured (unbek

God is In the Mondays of Life

Why does Monday get such a bad rap? It is the start of a new work week. It does end the weekend. It does create havoc for many. It is so far away from the weekend. Monday, it isn't really as bad as you think though. Today, I decided to take some comp time away from work. I worked on my day off last Friday and just needed a headspace day. As usual, I headed to the woods. Today I was accompanied by my wife, Tracie. Today will be a day we'll never forget for you see it is the day our son will take that midnight ride onto Parris Island South Carolina to begin his Marine Recruit Boot Camp. With that thought pervading our minds, we decided to connect with nature. Parents really have no way of kn