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Coincidence? Don't believe in them!

With heavy rain comes the occasional roof leak. Our bathroom was recently plagued by a leak and the repairmen came today to try and diagnose the issue. Eric flooded the roof with water while Mike waited for the tale-tale drips of water to appear in the bathroom. Out of the blue, Mike asked me this, "So, was Esther queen at the same time as Nehemiah?" This was a mildly surprised pastor....who had no answer. How often does one get to talk about the Bible with strangers? Mike and Eric are now my friends and we shared an engaging conversation about 'Xerxes' and 'Artaxerxes'. (This did require me to dig into a commentary) How exciting is that? When I told them we will be using Nehemiah for the next 2 months at First UMC, they both chuckled and Eric said, "That's a coincidence." to which Mike said, "I don't believe in coincidence."

I too think coincidences are really God at work connecting people for His purposes. What about you, are there coincidences or divine apppointments?

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