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Extravagant Generosity :)

Often, when generosity is discussed, the topic usually revolves around money. However, generosity does not have to be limited to $$$$$.

Yesterday, I left the house around 6 AM for a run. As I traversed the streets of our town, I noticed a few business professionals heading to work. There were several seniors walking their pets in the cool morning air. A disabled street cleaning machine sat on Main St. in need of repair. And then, I saw the garbage disposal truck and the crew gathering refuse.

When I run, I tend to wave and say hi to folks. Yes, some look at me as though I have three heads. Others acknowledge me and reciprocate the gestures. As I approached the municipal crew, I waved and offered the biggest smile I could muster and extended a hearty 'Good Morning' to the men. The gift I received from them was a smile, a 'Good Morning', and a look of appreciation.

Today is another chance to bless someone with God's love and grace. Are you ready to do it? If so, don't be surprised if God blesses you too!


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