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  • Pastor Randy

Why Bother????

"Dream Big!" I said....

You may say, "Why bother? Nothing ever seems to go my way."

Have you noticed great negativity in our world lately? Yes, I have too. Cynicism may be at an all time high. I hear folks share stories about all the things we have lost in our town. Grieving losts things is okay and much needed but dwelling in the past is foolhardy. I hear folks speak about the past as though it were comparable to Christ's second coming. (The good old days!) Rarely is there an overwhelming response that our future looks bright.

Cynicsim is a tool of Satan and it is used to deteriorate our faith. In Paul Miller's book, A Praying Life he shows an image of Psalm 23 with all the references of God removed. The end result is frightening because all thats left is I, me,and my.

Know that God has created us for His purposes, we are His and He is with us. When cynicism rears its ugly head, crack open Psalm 23 and remind yourself why the future looks bright.

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