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Pedal to the Metal!

So, last week I came off 322/522 and approached South Walnut. I looked and saw the light just turned yellow, so I did what I always do; I sped up. Catching a blur out of my periphery I relaxed my foot on the throttle. Along came a mini van through the intersection as I glanced at my light still showing yellow...and I jabbed the brakes to avoid getting t-boned.

A bit shaken, I proceeded through the light which now turned red. I fumed at the person who clearly ran a red light. And then it hit me. Randy, you are an idiot for attempting to run a yellow light!

Our police forces around the country try to enforce the laws of our land and are dealing with a large percentage of the population who deem the laws as suggestions or guidelines, but certainly not anything to obey. When confronted, we rationalize our actions in spite of the penal code.

When asked whether the Mosiac Law in the Old Testament is still relevant for Christians, Dr. David Dorsey, our Old Testament professor explained why at a very deep level each law still has a principle that helps us in the 21st century.

Hear me well; Christians are under the grace of God through Christ and we no longer live to fulfill the Law. Yet, the Law at its core still contains elements to guide and protect God's people.

A society void of absolute truth will tend to view laws and procedures as suggestions. Cutting corners and breaking laws will be the norm and the end result will be a society that shrieks for civil rights and freedom to do as we please. Our lawbreaking is a byproduct of sin. I personally am now more cautious nearing traffic signals and stop signs, how about you?

"There is a path that seems right to someone, but in the end it is the path of death."


(New York City Police Officers, 2012)

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