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Wait. What?

Have you ever had a moment when your brain went on vacation and didn't tell you? Dumb question right.

Yeah, so this morning I was wandering around the house and in no particular hurry. I kissed Tracie good-bye and headed to church. It was 7:35 AM and in my head I was thinking, "Leaving this early will be good; I can get a few things done before worship." It was 7:45 when I arrived. Walking upstairs and seeing so many people in the sanctuary got me to thinking, "Why are so many people in there so early." You see, I was operating on a time schedule that had us starting worship at 8:30. That was our former church's start time.

Fast forward to me running into my office shedding the shoulder bag and throwing on a clergy robe would have given most of you a chuckle. It was frightening to me because I hate to be late for anything. I mean really, if I am 15 minutes early to an appointment, I consider that being late....

The upside to all this vacation brain conversation is that I serve a gracious church. Thank you! I will be entering a reminder into my google calendar to apprise me of the Sunday worship schedule. Two hours before service I'll get this cool reminder that will say something like, "Hey, Randy. Yes, you! Worship starts at 8, get busy!" Shalom, Your google calendar.

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