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Martha! Martha! Martha!

I'm done! I've had enough! I'm leaving!

In the summer 2015 Leadership Journal an article by Joshua Packard "Meet the Dones." describes those who have become disenchanted with church and who have chosen to leave. After intervewing some "dechurched" people who were 'done' with church, Packard discovered a few constants.

1. People had been highly active in their church.

2. They didn't want to leave.

3. They felt stifled by church structure.

As I read the article, I noticed a yearning in those who left the church. They sought to be busy for God wherever God was working in the world. They didn't sense God was working in their church. They also mentioned the value of relationships. I asked myself the question, "Is it possible to build healthy growing relationships when we are super busy?"

At some point, our energy level has to take a hit in the name of busy-ness. We must slow down and refuel daily. Packard's article reflects the struggle that a large percentage of people deal with on a regular basis. We are ambitious to a fault without attending to a viable source of spiritual fuel (the Church). 'Being' present with God is different than 'doing' for God. Both are important; one is esential for the other to thrive.

The account of Mary and Martha in Luke 10:38-42 describes a frustrated person who has missed the point. While Mary attended to Jesus, Martha flew around the house preparing the meal to please all who would dine. Both ladies were doing good things; however, Mary chose the best.

Today, I'll be filling the fuel tank in my pick-up so I can fulfill my task as pastor. Likewise, I have started this day with my nose in the Bible searching for soul fuel. How about you, do you stop long enough for God to speak to your weary soul or do you fly out the door to chase an elusive 'to do list'? I pray you will observe a daily Sabbath with God and His Word. If you attend to God, He will bless you.

(Centre United Methodist Church, Osceola Mills- my home church)

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