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What charges your battery? Is it food or music? Maybe shopping nourishes your spirit? I prefer running to get my endorphins flowing and sweat pouring. The rejuvenation occurs and I am more relaxed, energetic, and stable-minded.

Last night after a bit of a stressful day I experienced the chorus of katy-dids out in our backyard. If I had nothing else in the world to my name and had 50-60 katy dids to serenade me I would be eternally happy.

Fact of the matter remains that I have infinitely more in my life than I deserve and all from a benevolent and gracious God. I am blessed. In a self absorbed world, it is easy to miss the simplest gifts that surround us. Hopefully the audio works well for you. Listen to the video and see if those katy-dids don't calm your soul today. Give God thanks for His glorious creation.

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