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Go ahead. No, you go ahead.

Don't you just love it when somebody clearly speeds up to get ahead of you at the checkout line?

Just yesterday, I was walking through the grocery store. I had a few items in a carry basket. As I approached the registers, I noticed one open and filled with 5-6 shoppers. The other option was an express lane that had about 4 people waiting to check out. I tend to be a 'people watcher' and noticed a fairly calm crowd considering so few registers open.

Almost on cue, an alert employee came and opened a third lane and said, "I can help someone on Lane 3." I motioned to the guy ahead of me to go get in the new lane and he said, "No, you go ahead." I said, "No, I'm in no hurry. Go ahead." And so there we were in this friendly stand-off.

I relented, thanked him, and stepped forward to accept this gift of grace. Then, it occurred to me how often God offers grace and I decline. Occasionally, I'll argue with the Almighty when He is clearly offering something good to me that I probably don't deserve. Several thoughts might guide my reluctance to reach out and receive God's love and grace.

1. I am unworthy to receive anything from God.

2, I am blessed with too much grace as it is.

3. I am not in need of God's grace; give it to some other poor soul in need." (God forbid)

How much grace is too much? Whether we are receiving grace or giving it away, the answer to the previous question is, "One can never have or give enough grace." Matthew 11:28 offers a good word for us regarding God's grace. Check it out.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." (NIV) I love the 'all' part!

PS: Offering grace out on the highways can be a good thing too!

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