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Honey, there's water dripping under the sink.

Those words in the above title are some of the worst words a man can hear. Ugh, where is the water coming from and how difficult will it be to fix? Usually, the task involves closing the emergency shut-off valves on the hot and cold water lines, a thorough removal of all the stuff we store under the sink, and then sopping up all the water and that's all before beginning the repair.

In the first few weeks of moving into our new home, Tracie pointed out that water was in fact dripping underneath the kitchen sink (Insert my groan here). I did my duty to assess the problem and ascertained the problem was a leaky spray attachment. My prowess in fixing things was again shining like a gold ring. Man, I am good!

Clearly, I needed a new diverter valve for the spray (thingy). I went to a well known and very large local hardware store and confidently went to the plumbing aisle and stood there looking quite lost. (Too many choices can be a curse!) After about 5 minutes, an associate at the other end of the aisle (Who had been watching my struggle) asked, "Can I help you?"

After I explained (in detail) the problem, here is what 'Bruce' said, "Your product is covered by a lifetime warranty and you just need to call the company to get a free replacement." (Insert crickets chirping here) Of course, I would have figured that out sooner or later. Homeward bound!

At home, I grabbed the sprayer and unscrewed the head to see if it was damaged. I saw no obvious problems and put the head back on securing it tightly. On a whim, I turned on the faucet and watched the spray attachment intently...and there was no water leaking anywhere! It has been about a full day now and still no leaking. The head was loose! It was loose! Why didn't I check that three weeks ago???

Funny, our sins are often like the leaking spray attachment. We try to figure out how to fix our sin. We believe we know the antitdote and confidently assume our intellect and ambition can win the day. Surely, there is some complex process I must enage to fix the problem. God says this:

"Psalm 103:11. For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is his love for those who

fear him; 12. as far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions

from us."

God's restoration plan is quite simple and His lifetime replacement warranty on our souls has a signature and it is Jesus Christ.

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