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Are you serious?

I always judge the value of a hiking trip on whether we see reptiles or not. While snakes give me shivers, they are beautiful creatures and I look for them.

Our family went hiking yesterday up 'His Thousdand Steps' in Huntingdon county. The strenous trip always taxes one's stamina and internal will to complete the climb. We saw the usual beauty of breath-taking vistas and greeted other folks who challenged themselves to make the climb.

After spending an hour or more exploring the top of the mountain we made our descent. We had traversed downward about a third of the way and could hear voices below us on one of the many ledges. It was here that we heard distinctly, "Are you serious?"

When we reached the ledge we could hear more of the conversation between a young man and his 'girl' friend. He was telling her that cell coverage would be better on top the mountain and she could tell her friends of the amazing news. She was bubbling with excitement and he was rising from one knee. He had just proposed to his 'girl' friend and was now promising some other surprise when they reached the summit.

A marriage proposal on a mountain side. What a mountain top experience and one I suppose those two young people will never forget. Life brings pain and suffering and usually those events occur in dark valleys. We strive for the top of the mountain where the sunshine feels warmer and the breezes feel heavenly, yet God has promised to be with us through the valley and mountain top places. Psalm 23 comes to mind and we all can utter those comforting words. Today, we saw no reptiles and I'm okay with that because we witnessed the beauty of a man and a woman pledging their love to each other. "Are you serious?" and his reply was, "Yes, will you marry me?"

(A view of Mapleton Depot from 'His Thousand Steps')

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