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Scoffing at Danger!

I used to work with a fellow who when faced with a daunting or dangerous task could be heard to say, "We scoff at danger!" Wally (not his real name) was a tough guy. He was a rough living kind of guy. His life was filled with bad choices and failures. Yet, his quotable quote still rings in my ears when I face a seemingly impossible task. Do you have a Mt. Everest staring at you today?

In my Proverbs 31reading this morning, I paused at verse 25. The text is describing the quintessential woman that every man seeks. In verse 25, the woman is "confident about the future." (CEB) The footnote expands that phrase to say, "the woman of worth laughs at the future." Her confidence in God allows her to be fully present with her husband, children, business, and other interests. She believes! She trusts! She lives! She thrives!

The overriding voice that rings in our ears on many days is one of fear.

* Will my spouse continue to love me?

* Will my children be successful?

* Will I keep my job when the company downsizes?

* Will the doctor give me bad news?

* Can God forgive me after all my past failures?

* Will I have enough money when I retire?

* on and on.....

Hear me well friends.

The God who spoke everything into existence, who parted the Red Sea, who provided the perfect sacrifice for sin, and who loves us forever will be waiting for us in the future of all the things listed above. Take hold of the hand of our Father today and scoff at those formidable things staring us in the face. Be fully present with your family and friends, look confidently to the future, and thank God your heavenly Father for His abiding presence. Look at your Mt. Everest and scoff at it.

(Photo creds. to Tracie Hughes at Tough Mudder Tri State)

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