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Free refill? Yes, please!

Nothing worse than having a meal in a restaurant and reach for a drink to find it empty.... The best words one can read in a menu are "Free Refills" and it doesn't matter whether my beverage of choice is a fountain drink, water, or coffee, free refills are always welcome. It's like receiving a gift we hadn't worked for and one for which we don't have to pay.

Today in worship we'll be learning about Ezekiel's entrance into a valley of death and despair (Ezekiel 37). His heart is broken. Dry bones are everywhere and there seems to be no hope of life here. Yet, the Lord tells Ezekiel to prophesy to the bones and command them to come together. The whole story unfolds with an army of dry bones becoming bodies with flesh and form but no life.

The Lord commands Ezekiel to keep going and prophesy to the four winds and fill the formed yet lifeless bodies. Could it be so that I am a formed body that has lost life and vitality due to the crushing nature of this world? Could it be I need a refreshing of the Holy Spirt? The answers to those questions are most definitely yes! How about you, have you sensed a life that lacks energy and power? Have you noticed a distance forming between your heart and God? Do you need a refill of God's Spirit? I know I do and I know what I need to do to be refilled....I need to ask.

God unlike a waitress or waiter will not ask us if we would like refilled. God respects our free will and waits. Take a moment, bow your head and open your hearts and physically hold your hands out palms up and pray for God's refreshing Holy Spirit to come and enter your dry and tired soul. It will be the best gift you have ever received. It is a gift one doesn't work to earn and one we can't pay money to obtain. God offers free refills but we must choose to receive the gift. Do it now!

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