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Wait, how did we get here?

Have you ever decided to try a new road and or route and in your head you have already figured out where you will turn up? We did that yesterday and came out in a town I had heard of but never been to. The winding drive around hairpin turns and steady rising elevation produced some spectaular views and I was ready to hit a town called Arch Rock Springs only to wind up coming into the back streets of Mifflin. How did we get here? Somewhere along the trip, the direction completely changed and we drove 180 degrees away from what my brain had already determined would be our destination. This happens in life too.

Years ago, I had no goals, no focus, and no dreams. I was working jobs that had no challenge. It was safe. In my head, I thought pre-planning and goal setting was unnecessary. I'll come out somewhere in some place. Those unknown destinations were vague and lifeless. My meandering journey took me from folding sheets in a hospital laundry to cleaning patients rooms in the same location. Another chapter of life had me doing maintenance work on heavy equipment and then later I would operate them. More adventures included learning how to maintain cigar making machines and then delivering medical equipment to clients homes. In my mind, I still had no plan, no goals, and no definite outcome.

In the best sense, I was being trained to become a pastor, I just didn't know it. In fact, I fought my pastoral call to ministry for years. It was like driving on that road yesterday. Twists and turns were mixed with a steep climb that has produced some ooo's and ahhhh's. I haven't arrived exactly where I thought I would but the journey has been one I wouldn't trade for the world. As I continue this exciting ride, God continues to take me to unknown places and show me His love and grace.

How about you, have you experienced a journey that is safe and predictable, or have you arrived at an unexpected destination? If your answer is the former, try taking an unknown road and see where you arrive. If your answer is the latter, good for you!!

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