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Look out! He's up in the marbles!

I watch a little NASCAR and have heard those frightening words, "Look out, he's up in the marbles!" It usually means one of the drivers has drifted up the track onto a layer of loose rubber and debris that simulates marbles. Driving at speeds in excess of 180 miles per hour on stuff that simulates marbles is NEVER GOOD! Ever!! Often, the driver ends up into the wall due to loss of steering. Getting out of the throttle and steering correction are absolute musts. Applying brakes is usually pointless.

Well, recently I have been out running the streets of my town and have found myself up in the marbles-ish. Oak trees are dropping acorns here with reckless abandon and the sidewalks have become tricky places to run. Marbles in the form of acorns are waiting to send one skidding out of control. Recognition of the problem is primary in addressing a plan for action. Slowing my running pace is needed as I navigate around the 'marbles' and proceed.

Firm footfalls and smaller strides are helpful in getting around the problem. Measuring all the integrated pieces of running lead me to avoid a nasty fall or worse a broken bone. I am firm in my approach to running the same way I drive. My motto is, "Never drive faster than your defensive plan will allow escape."

Our spiritual journey can often go sideways when we least expect it. Usually the sideways movement comes as result of poor planning or no planning at all (And sometimes in the midst of our good plan too). 'Marbles' in our life might be a lost job, broken marriage, illness, or a multitude of other issues. No matter what befalls us, we need to be prepared with a plan before we are in the midst of the treacherous place. Human nature works just the opposite however. We find ourselves skidding out of control and then lament the fact we have no plan for resolving the slid. Make your plan, execute your plan, and evaluate your plan. I am trying to live by my own 'spiritual rules for living' as taught me by Rev. Ed Zeiders (Retired).

If you are interested in building your own spiritual rule for living let me know. I would be happy to help you form a plan for avoiding those marble moments of living.

"If you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all.” (Isaiah 7:9b, NIV)

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