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Keep your wits about you!


Our lives are so often formed and operate under a schematic designed in our brains. Daily repetition and little variance create patterns that we simply live into. Day after day, we get up, shower, eat, drink, go to work, stop at the grocery store, come back home, eat, work, watch some TV, yawn, shower, and go to bed. (Oops, forgot to mention daily spiritual disciplines in there!)

Doing the same things on a regular basis provide us with comfort and predictability. We know what is expected of us and we know what to expect. Then something unforeseen changes in our daily routine and all heck breaks loose.

Our house is getting a facelift in the living and dining areas and yesterday the old carpet and pad were lifted and discarded. Great! The odd dank urine smells that hung in those rooms is diminishing. Unfortunately, what is left behind is one of these nasty surprises. (A change has been made.)

The same room I walk through in the early morning now has a minefield of sorts at each entrance. These little carpet strips laden with sharp nails remain in place. My curiosity always gets the best of me and so I need to investigate the new sub-floor and see how the installers are doing. I must remind myself to tread with caution and look down...a lot! Carrying my bride over these thresholds could be a gripping challenge! I think I could nail it though. I can continue trying to be 'puny' but I won't....

Tuesday and Wednesday we have our grandchildren here. They are so used to running around the house with little concern. Tracie and I have been constantly telling them, stop running, stay away from the living room, be careful!! I can't imaging how severe the pain and bleeding would be if we forgot these strips were there and inadvertantly stepped on them. Have you had a recent tetanus shot??

“No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the

Father. Be on guard! Be alert ! You do not know when that time will come." (Mark 13:32-33, NIV)

There is a change coming soon and our daily mundane routines will be changed eternally. In keeping our schedules intact, allow room for watchful discernment and be prepared to alter your life when necessary.

PS: AT the writing of this blog, nobody has forgotten and succumbed to the nail strips! Stay alert my friends!

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