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Spiritual coffee....

Nothing gets me going in the coffee. Precisely 1.75 cups of 190 degree coffee feed my needy brain and get stuff moving and vibing. Coffee must be dark roast or French roast, or any color of deep deep black. You cannot make my coffee too strong! No sugar needed. No ice needed. No milk needed. Tired eyes get brighter. All the senses get heightened acuity. My tolerance level increases toward annoying noises and... well okay, I'll admit this, people! I suppose I'm not alone in this bit of confession. We are friendlier people when we have had our caffeine fix.

Another important ingredient for our personal well being is the full expression of God's Spirit flowing through our veins. We are able to have all our senses filled with heightened acuity, We are more tolerant toward annoying noises and...'just about anything'. Furthermore, we are generally more friendly toward everyone we meet simply because God's presence is evident to our hearts and minds. We live differently. We talk differently. We treat people differently.

Isn't it odd that most days, nobody goes without their coffee, but many days go without a refilling of God's Spirit? Running on empty is never a winning proposition. Relationships suffer. When relationships crumble, conversation ceases and tensions increase. Without a godly presence in our heart and mind, there is too much of us and not enough Jesus. Too much Randy and very little God looks like a four headed beast with an appetite for an argument. Not good!

Please. Please. Stop and take some time to enjoy a little time with Jesus as you swig your coffee. Your day will go so much better and if your day goes well it is a certainty that those who come into contact with you will have their day affected in a good way too!

Peace to you today! Cheers!

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