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Found $20 once....

Yes, I walk around with my head angled down a lot. What? I like to see where I am going. I don't want to trip over stuff! This practice comes in handy too! I once was walking to a local convenience store and happened to be looking down at the ground and low and behold there it was....a $20 bill.

Well, yesterday on my run, I was coming down South Pine Street and BOOM, there was what looked like a $20 bill laying on the sidewalk. At first, being dazed from minor dehydration and leg fatigue, I ran past it then realized what I saw was a $20 bill! So, I made a loop and went back to collect my prize.

Upon closer examination I realized it was a damaged bill. As I stooped to retrieve and unfold it, I sighed deeply. It was FAKE!! On the back in bold letters was, "This is play money." Grrrr.

I did my civic duty and stuffed the litter in my pocket and returned to my run.

I believe many spiritually dehydrated and fatigued folks are running through life looking for hope and purpose. They may run past "christians' and expect to see genuineness. Sadly, upon further inspection, many will find "christians" to be nothing more than people playing around with faith. NOTE: Dehydration and fatigue are ailments that "christians" can suffer through as well.

Christians, in the best sense of the word, are ordinary people transformed by an extraordinary God and equipped to share God's grace and love. Too often "christians" fail to impact their families, neighborhoods, churches, and cities because of their hollow spirituality. Some "christians" are proverbial play money that looks real from a distance. When those seeking hope come closer they meet disappointment. May I never be one who plays around with my faith or that of another person. I want to possess a sense of urgency about my faith and its influence upon the world around me. God expects that of me. ("Go and make disciples...." Matthew 28:19) May I have a genuine love for God and my neighbors. May I present a 'legit' model and mirror image of Christ. When people run past Randy may they see Jesus instead. I want to make a difference to one who is lost and seeking help. I don't want to leave someone feeling empty and betrayed.

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