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The cure.

Our world is a mess.

Sin is a problem.

God's love is eternal.

Humanity is saved to eternal life through Jesus Christ.

Others come to faith in Christ through a witness (testimony of faith).

God desires for humanity (us) to be eternally saved.

We have God's love.

Our sins are gone.

God's kingdom is here.

(1). If I were to wake up tomorrow and discover the cure for any terminal disease, wouldn't it stand to reason I would share that discovery with the world? It would be selfish to hold the key to health and wholeness in my hand and smirk at those dying a slow painful death. Consider your conversion experience. How did it occur? Who was instrumental in leading you to Jesus? How did your heart feel when you realized the Good News? Remember all the joy and hope that was restored as you celebrated your soul healing....

(2). Now, consider, how we would view a person who holds the cure for our disease and won't share it? We long for healing and wholeness. We aren't sure how to obtain it. We are dying and it seems apparent we will die alone. God seems distant. People are quiet and appear cold and hardened. Does anyone care?

If you claim Jesus as your savior, then scenario # 1 suits you. Hope and joy are daily fuel that energize your life.

However, if scenario # 1 suits you, please do not let scenario # 2 describe you. Be willing and able to share your story of conversion to any and all who will entertain you. Your story may be the one that prompts another lost soul to consider Christ. Don't withhold the cure of life to a dying world.

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