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Beautiful Evidence

My sanctuary is a hillside somewhere remote. It has a huge oak tree surrounded by beech, pine, spruce, and maple trees. There are bluejays squawking off to the left. A hawk soars overhead emitting a screech once and a while. Somewhere below me I hear a flock of turkeys chirping as they feed on bugs and grapes. Behind me there is a rustling and I turn to see a chipmunk scurrying under a rotting log. The sun is bright and a slight breeze washes over my face. There is a crispness in the air and when I exhale I can see vapor rising. Perfect.

Nature and the great outdoors are perhaps the best and clearest reason I believe in God. The Bible is my foundation. but nature is the living breathing evidence that a creative God exists. I enjoy walks in the woods and hear all the varied noises that come from a host of different kinds of animals. The grunt of a deer, the chatter of a gray squirrel, and the chickadee's song are all music to my ears and comfort for my soul. Why is that? It's possible that when God moved in Genesis 1 there was a purpose to nature? Check it out.

God spoke, "Let us make human beings in our image, make them reflecting our nature, so they

can be responsible for the fish of the sea, the birds of the air, the cattle, and, yes, earth itself, and

every animal that moves on the face of the face of the earth." (Genesis 1:29-29, The Message


We are stewards (caretakers) of our world. God has entrusted us to maintain and care for that which He has created and given to us as a trust. That is a big task. More than that though is the intrinsic value God places on his creation and our care of it. We are more like God when we care, when we provide shelter, when we utilize conservation.

I hope you have opportunity to be outside today. Drink in the beauty around you and listen intently. The sights and sounds you enjoy will have godly designs. As we consider how we care for our world, know that God has given us His image and expects us to reflect Him to all and in all. Peace,

(Photo creds to Eric Hughes trailcam, Clearfield county)

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