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Inspiring People

Every now and then you get to meet a truly inspiring person. Today was my day.

My daughter Kayt and I competed in a Tough Mudder event in Coatesville. We were sharing this day of trial and challenge with several thousand other athletes. I include myself as an athlete, but in reality, I am a weekend warrior who won't be getting any huge sports contract.

At about mile 8-ish we stopped at a water station and were milling around getting hydrated, when I saw a man on forearm crutches. What the heck was this guy doing out on a Tough Mudder course? This particular course was 10 miles long and contained upwards of 20 different obstacles.

I walked up and asked him, "What happened; what's your story?" He began a conversation with us and explained his hip surgery was about 6 weeks ago and he was competing in the event. My jaw bruised my chest. He also shared his history of Tough Mudders and he was currently over 100 events and counting. Kayt and I felt a bit chagrinned since we were complaining a bit about any number of setbacks during our day.

This man has had enough setbacks and life threatening crises for ten people and yet he still continues to live life to the fullest. He has a memorable quote,

"Someday someone will tell you you can’t do something. Later you will thank them."

Jim Campbell's indomitable spirit is inspiring. His full story can be found at:

The next time you and I want to wallow in self pity, utter the name "Jim Campbell" It will give us the boot that we need!!

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