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A Tale of Two Faiths

I like to have fun and be goofy as much as the next person, but not at the expense of my heavenly Father.

Last night, I watched an interview on ESPN with Daniel Murphy of the New York Mets. The man has been on a tear in the NLCS. He has hit a homerun in the last five games. He is literally carrying his team toward the World Series.

In the interview, he shared how blessed he and his wife have been in their marriage. He mentioned a time the two prayed about an important milestone in their life. He shared how his two children were born and now they are expecting their third child. It was overall really cool to hear a professional athlete live his faith in a compelling way. It wasn't over the top and didn't sound contrived. He was genuine. Well done, Daniel! Then the pregame show took an unusual turn....

The next segment was a wierd renditon of the Lord's Prayer sung by Cub fans and it reeked of blasphemy and tongue in cheek humor. It didn't really fit well.

Below is the poem written by Tim Collins. (Sung loosely to the tune of the Lord's prayer)

A Chicago Cubs-Fan Prayer:

In nomine patri et fili spiritu of Ron Santo Let us all give thanks for Ernie Banks Let us play! Our Father,

who art in Wrigley Field Hallowed be thy ivy covered Brick-house walls Thy new stadium will come, the

owners will be done On the mound, sit ‘in with the bleacher-bums or your rich roof-top owner friends

Give us this day our daily dread but remove those lights that so offend Forgive us our trespasses and

cubs left on bases As we forgive those teams who trespass those places And Caray us on and win the

pennant races All’s we’re ask ‘in for Lord, is a couple a runs Then deliver us a world series, before God

loses HIS patience Amen! Copyright © 2015 Tim Collins

I wonder, am I oversensitive to this so called humor? I'm not convinced God worries about who will win sporting events. I'm also not convinced calling upon the baseball gods will turn the tide. Or, perhaps the curse is real and the unrighteous prayers of Cub fans only help to perpetuate the curse. I smell the goat.

PS: I am not a fan of the Mets or Cubs and have no horse in the race this fall. I am a fan of believers who promote Jesus Christ.

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