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You are a "fixer upper"!

I dabble in automobile repair. I'm no auto technician and have no formal training in the same. That doesn't prevent me from diagnosing some things and figuring out the problem. Oh, I have misdiagnosed plenty of noises, leaks, and shimmies. Most often, I don't have the specialized tools to perform the needed repairs and sometimes use tools not designed for the task or beg, borrow, or rent the tools I do need. Some broken things on my autos are out of my mechanical repair pervue. For these, I call on professionals.

In this morning's devotion time, I was reading Deuteronomy 6 and overheard on the radio an interesting scripture conversation. The announcer mentioned 1 John 3:8 and how Jesus' main task was to defeat the devil's work. (Rev FM)

"The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil’s work." (1 John 3:8b, NIV)

Instantly, I realized my frailty in being a pastor trying to fix people. That isn't my job. It never was. It isn't your job either.

I can teach and educate people about the Bible and lead them to God's truth, but God brings the person to a place of decision. The person steps forward and chooses to submit to Christ's healing power. I am the conduit God uses to allow these holy moments to occur. I don't always have the right tools or use the proper words and somehow God works in spite of my failings. His Spirit ministers to those who wander in the darkness and often God will use me to help guide the wanderer. He will use you to, if you'll let Him.

I am a shepherd who guides and leads the flock to places they wouldn't ordinarily go on their own. I can't drive the flock or drag them. I need to walk with them and encourage them to trust. I would like to think I can fix cars well....and I think I can fix people too. In reality, I need to let professional mechanics work on my vehicle and I need to let Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit work in each life to bring them into places of spiritual health. Salvation! Apostle Paul in speaking about Jesus said this:

"Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which

we must be saved.” (Acts 4:12, NIV)

This popular Facebook meme describes me to a tee when I solve an auto problem.

(I'll never be able to demonstrate this pose in my work as pastor. Jesus did strike this pose, however.)

Jesus is the fixer of our souls and he was manifested in the flesh to defeat sin and the curse of it.

That, I cannot fix. And everyone who heard these words said, "Amen!"

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