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Weak signal, no connection

If you are still using dial-up for your internet connection, stop reading this blog....RIGHT NOW!

When we started housekeeping in our new home, we found the coaxial cable for the internet in a bedroom located near the middle of the house and hooked our epuipment to it. The location seemed like it would be good for broadcasting the network signal throughout the house. All the appropriate lights are blinking, yet, over the last 4 months, we have dealt with slow internet connection speeds and poor signal strength. Videos are always halting and or buffering. Web pages load slowly. (AGH! First world problems!!!) While the central location for the modem and router was good, there were blockages that needed to be addressed. Our wireless router signal was enclosed in a small bedroom and its range was limited. Before you ask, yes, we have rebooted the entire system countless times to no avail.

Recently, I reviewed our options for correcting the issue and decided to drill a hole in the wall, thread the Cat 5 cable through and move the router out into our foyer area. The wide open space would allow our signal wider range. Great! Except, when I tugged on the coax cable coming through the outside wall, it didn't budge. Humph! Using available cables and equipment was going to test my analytical prowess.

Now, I am outside the house tracing the cable back to the splitter connection. Eureka!! The cable technician left some extra cable there and so began the task of chasing this precious 16 inches of coax around 70 or 80 feet of the house basement. Long story short, the additional cable allowed me to hook the equipment together and now our wireless internet works much better. (insert huge cheesy smile here)

As believers in Jesus, we are instructed to love God and our neighbors as we love ourselves. Yet, the evangelical nature of our faith is weak and bears poor results. Our willingness to tell people about Jesus is quiet or non-existent. It seems as though our message of the "Good News" is always halted or buffering never to be clearly shared. It is difficult to transform the world for and through Jesus Christ if we are locating ourselves in places where our message is impeded. Worse still, if we are quiet and choose to hide from the responsibility to let our light shine.

The good news is, "WE ARE CONNECTED!" The bads news is, "OUR LOCATION STINKS!"

It is time to realize our message of Christ's significance is being affected by our location (Disciples and churches unwilling to be engaged with their community). It is time to move with intention to speak openly about Jesus with people in our immediate circles. He who has made such a huge difference in our life, must be shared. As the verse below instructs, Jesus is the Light of the world and has transformed and settled into our hearts. Our light must shine for Christ, otherwise, we are unlit candles....or routers that aren't broadcasting well.

"In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your

Father in heaven." (Matthew 5:16, NIV)

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