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Dealing with excess.

Winter is knocking on the door and I'm pretending I'm not home. I'll never forget the two large snowstorms of February 2010. In 2007, moving from Clearfield county to York county brought great promise for warmer temperatures and less snow. The first two years were pretty bearable. Excitement was high; then this happened in the photo below.

One week we received about 20 inches of wet snow. Okay, we'll figure this out and get the walks and lots opened. Within a week and a half, another 20-ish inches arrived and York county came to a standstill. In some isolated instances, the great weight from the snow damaged a house roof, garages, and carports. We ran out of places to pile the snow! It became obvious if more snow arrived in addition to what had already landed, we would be in trouble. So, armed with a shovel, I ventured up to the porch roof to lighten the immense weight of snow.

As those fews weeks wore on, it was my honor to be able to walk up and down my street and offer shoveling help to many neighbors. We worked together and shared a few least until the plow truck would go by and close the driveway we had just shoveled. Long story short, it didn't snow any more huge amounts and winter passed. R.I.P.

No one knows what this winter will bring, but rest assured, there will be snow. With snow comes opportunities to help those who live around you. Maybe you cannot shovel snow or run a snow blower. Can you brew hot chocolate and bake cookies? Nothing better than hot beverages and snacks after a shift of snow removal. Can you pick up the phone and check on neighbors to make sure they are okay? Whatever comes our way this winter season, find a way to endure and encourage our neighborhood. 40 inches of snow? Pssh, no problem!

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