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We found a problem with your vehicle.

Having someone else work on your vehicle can be good and bad.

Good happens when the repairs or maintenance is out of your scope of expertise. Let someone who knows what they are doing take care of that one.

Bad when the technician isn't too sharp or when they are too sharp.

Yesterday, we took the truck to the garage where we bought the tires to get a much needed rotation completed. Free tire rotations are good things. This store prides itself on being thorough. Great! Remember, I went to the store to get back tires put on the front and front tires put on the back. They inspected the 'toe' and 'camber' of my wheel alignment. They checked the condition of my battery. They tested my anti-freeze effectiveness. They obviously checked the tread depth on each tire. All good things, but not what I asked them to do...

After an hour elapsed and as we walked around the complex, my phone rang and it was the saleperson asking me if I knew the anti-freeze in my vehicle is getting weak. He did mention the tire rotation was complete but then went into this subtle approach to get me to allow them to do work for which they would be paid. I told him that I was aware of the situation and would take care of the antifreeze myself. He didn't press the issue but simply offered the report. Any good auto technician will inspect the vehicle with a fine tooth comb in order to make sure safety is insured. Any good salesperson will attempt to make the company some money. Both tech and rep were doing their jobs. Thanks guys but I'll take care of these myself. THEN IT HIT ME!

As a pastor, people will often come to me for advice on a situation they are struggling with and I attempt to manage several other things I see affecting them adversely. I eventually get to the presenting problem but need to address the other things as well. If I help the person with one issue and leave other issues unattended, it is likely that I'll see the person back in my office again under worse circumstances. I sound like the thorough auto technician who offers full inspection services in order to curb a future breakdown. Smart!

There have been times when a person seeking counsel was not willing to address other contributing factors to their present struggles. They may have thought I was meddling in places I had no business mentioning. Perhaps.

I simply wanted to be sure they had success in their journey.

After yesterday, I have greater respect and admiration for auto technicians who leave no stone unturned when insuring vehicle safety and I laud the salesperson's caring offer to get me out of extra work.

"My mouth will speak words of wisdom; the utterance from my heart will give understanding."

(Psalm 49:3, NIV)

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