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Thank you!!

Holidays are great; unless you have to work on them....

While many of us gather together to eat scrumptious food and enjoy time with our families, many people prepare to go to work. I want to thank the:

* soldiers around the world, away from their families, as they defend us from danger and terror.

* police officers who are keeping us safe.

* fire fighters and ambulance crews as they care for accident victims.

* chaplains serving those in hospitals and personal care homes.

* nurses who are caring for the sick.

* doctors for doing likewise.

* custodial staff in hospitals and personal care homes.

* maintenance people who are on call for any emergencies.

* staff at powerplants insuring our electricity flows.

* people who were up at 4 or 5 AM preparing the turkey, peeling potatoes, gathering place settings,

and all the other tasks of Thanksgiving dinner.

* truck drivers and train operators who move our produce and products.

* bus drivers, cabbies, and airplane pilots and flight crews moving us from point A to point B.

Can you add to this list of people for whom you are grateful?

Take time to thank God today for your blessings. Thank Him for the freedom to practice your faith.

If you have the opportunity, thanks any of those listed above for their service.

Happy Thanksgiving all!

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