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A picture is worth 1000 words...errr, 453.

As you travel along Third street, make the turn onto the street of Dorcas and stop in and worship at First church. Bring your spiritual appetite and see if it isn't curbed as you park yourself in the warmth of the sanctuary. There is a way that seems right to a person but in the end it leads us the wrong way. The one way street to God is marked Jesus! Jesus is the light of the world and can clear the fog in our lives if we'll allow him into our hearts. As we walk the steps toward God, the doors of His throneroom will swing open with exuberant welcome. If you follow through and travel to worship you'll have a banner day that lifts your spirit and strengthens your faith. If you are bold in your faith, invite 20 of your friends to come with you. Don't let them dodge your invitation. If your mini van has a roof rack, don't offer to put extra people up there. It wouldn't look good. Cap your invite with a warm request that they come and eat at your ranch after the service.

When the rains of despair fall on you, allow those floods to drain away and know that the storm has been rebuked by the Lord. Give your heart to Jesus and let Him gently clamp it in His loving hands. As you grow in your faith, Christ's bright reflection will emanate from your face. and those poles that divide us will be brought together in peace. Let joy be your food today and celebrate the Lord Jesus Christ. Whatever you do, don't run through red lights as the practice can have disastrous results. Extend grace to those across the street who worship differently from us but love and serve the same Lord Jesus. Their sacred hearts join with ours to celebrate the King of kings. Don't ever let anyone school you in biblical knowledge, but use what you know to love others.

As you leave this place and walk the sidewalks of life, do not be pedestrian in your approach to live a life worthy of your calling. You are wired to be God's spokesperson wherever you go. Go and be the light to one who wanders in the fog and seeks the light of Christ. Point people the right way and signal to them when they are to stop and rest in God's grace and forgiveness. Know that you in (spire) God with your faithfulness to heed His voice and make disciples for Jesus Christ. Can you 'picture' doing something with eternal consequences? I hope so.

(Study this image and see if you can identify more metaphors in the photo)

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