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Living Impaired.

I don't mean to brag or nothin' but I'm a pretty fair driver... (insert crickets laughing here).

Okay, let me rephrase that sentence. I strive to be a good driver.....(insert crickets chirping here).

I am a sinner saved by the grace of God and drive a vehicle; I don't always get it right....(insert crickets applauding here).

Yesterday, I traveled up 322 to my hometown and witnessed a frightening display of driving. No I wasn't watching myself!! The vehicle ahead of me drifted between the white line at the shoulder of the road and then would erratically swerve over to the centerline. The vehicle would uncharacteristically slow down and then speed up. Going through curves on the road was an adventure as well. When oncoming traffic would approach, the driver would tap the brakes and swerve away from traffic. I immediately began to analyze and presuppose what was going on in the vehicle ahead of me.

* They must be texting and driving.

* They may be intoxicated.

* They might be drowsy.

* They might be talking on the phone or adjusting the radio....for six miles!!

* They could be elderly and not used to the vehicle.

* They simply were not focused on the main task of driving.

After my initial anger toward this driver subsided, I truly began to pray for their safety. I wasn't convinced they would arrive to their destination in one piece. As we neared Philipsburg, I began to see the right arm of the driver reaching up as in a stretching motion. The arm would go behind the neck as though massaging a stiff neck. Finally, I had the opportunity to pull alongside the individual at a stop light and watched with fascination. He gyrated his head and craned his neck as though he were trying to undo knots in his muscles. He glanced sideways at me and I could do nothing but nod and then shake my head.

As we diverged at the intersection, I began to assess all the things he should do. He should pull over and take a nap if he is drowsy. If he is intoxicated or in great pain, he shouldn't be driving. If he were texting, he should pull over and let me give him a 'Gibbs' headslap. Then it hit me.

How often I must peeve the Lord in my daily living. I am swerving all over the place. My praise is saturated with unattentiveness. I am absorbed in other things instead of gazing fully into the face of Jesus. I am doddling with the radio or my phone instead of honoring God with my full attention. My judgements toward others don't consider all extenuating circumstances. I willingly offer subpar worship and adoration. If God is angry with me, I don't sense it. I do sense God's grace and patience with me however. I do feel His abiding presence everyday. God loves me in spite of my human tendancy to fall and fail on a regular basis.

So, whether I am driving or living in relationship with God, I have come to a clear conclusion. Whatever I do, I need to fully involved in the task. Devoting myself to every subtle detail means a heightened sense for the holy in an unholy world.

“You shall have no other gods before me." (Exodus 20:3, NIV)

Worship God everyday; don't hesitate to focus fully on the one who created us, loves us, and has redeemed us. Hey, you didn't use your turn signal....!!! Oops, sorry bout that.

PS: On the way home and after darkness had settled in, I passed a vehicle traveling with no lights on....


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