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That was awkward; glad nobody saw it....

Those times when you have done something so weird and out of character...and then you're glad nobody saw it. (sort of liking tripping over a curb or falling up a stairwell)

Well, this morning, or rather last night, I decided that the next day, Monday, would be back to schedule and school for our son. I went to bed earlier than usual to get extra rest.

This morning, the alarm went off and I did the normal two snooze procedure. At the third alarm, I out of bed and got into my daily rhythm. Stepping lightly so as to not wake anyone, I headed for the kitchen.

I started the coffee, found Joe's lunchbox, and began to prepare a sandwich and other items for his lunch. I filled his water bottle and was in the midst of deciding whether to give Joe lemon pound cake or apple slices when it hit me.... There is no school today! A brief look at the clock, then behind me to see if Tracie was standing there smiling and then I biffed myself across the back of the head. Doh!

What a relief and a momentary slice of embarrassment. I suppose this is a sign of something. Maybe I am so efficient that I am like an old barn pumped that once primed will work like a well oiled clock.

I can still hear my grandma's voice telling me to make sure I fill the priming can before I stop pumping the water trough full. "Hoy Randy, don't forget to fill that can!"

Or, it is a sign of a mind that has too many things ricocheting about inside of it. Could be. I think I like the first explanation, but the second is possible.

In hindsight, it is gratifying to think of the efficiency exhibited this morning but it also speaks of a need to simplfy. Too many irons in the fire all getting hot at the same time is a recipe for disaster.

How do you fare with an overbusy mind? Do you have that issue or is there something else plaguing you today? Yesterday was a moment to focus on ending one year to begin another. Today is a chance to clarify future goals and then work toward them. It's okay to jettison some of the extraneous things that look important right now but in the long run are just things to stumble over. Learning to say 'no' to good things in order to say 'yes' to the best things is a place to begin.

Take some time to pray for God's guidance for 2016. Seek God's desire for you, your family, and your vocation. Set before yourself 2-3 major things you would like to acheive in 2016. Take twenty minutes today to sketch out some plans on how to accomplish these.

Me, I'm going to go for a run, ready for work, then come home and watch a football game!

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