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When things don't go as planned, then it's time for change.


That word that makes one shiver and brings angst and anxiety to every soul. Well, almost every soul. Consider Jesus, who was seated at the right hand of God, comfortably residing in heaven, then arriving in a manger stall as a baby boy. Humanity was sinning and lost. God intervened and provided a way for our lostness to go away and our deadness to become life. He delivered!


How about Mr. Chip Kelly who one day was the coach of the NFL team in Philly and the next day he found himself unemployed. The owner saw his team in disarray, out of the playoffs, and in need of change. The entrance of a new coach will be viewed as the coming of a new savior for the football program. High expectations will be placed on the shoulders of that new coach. Will he deliver?


Our minds are wonderful tools, until there're not. Faulty thinking or negative thinking ruins more futures than no thinking at all. Cognitively speaking, we are what we think. Do you view your life as something you control? Do you sense that your life is out of your control and there is no use in trying?

It is time to get rid of "stinkin' thinkin'" and begin to think about our mind encompassed by God's presence.

Weighing our life, our dreams, our goals, and our motives is a good place to start. Then place all of our stuff alongside God's will for us. Are there any corrollaries? Can we say that our life is pointed in the same direction as God? If so, then we should see our desires, goals, and motives begin to converge on God's will for us.

If you are diverging from God's will, then what are you willing to change in order for this trajectory to course correct? This will require a change of mind. We clergy folk often talk about metanoia. This Greek word simply means, 'to change one's mind'.

In 2016, commit to walk in close proximity with God and seek to draw closer in fellowship with Jesus day by day. This will mean change is forthcoming. It's okay. It will work out for you. God is waiting for your choice. Can you deliver?

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