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The two hour delay

This time of year requires our schools to issue two hour delays. Weather sweeps into the area and creates unsafe conditions that include, ice, snow, and bitter cold.

Delaying the start of the school day allows cold cranky buses to be started, sidewalks and entrance ways to be cleared, and the general clearing of highways and streets to occur. Safety for our children and school staff are on the high end of importance.

The glory of the rising sun can sometimes alleviate bad conditions as well.

Makes me wonder what it would be like to have personal two hour delays built into our lives. You know, when things aren't going well and a major setback occurs. Stop!

Two hour delay till I can get my mind cleared and heart straightened out.

In many cases, the two hour delay in our life might prevent needless pain and anger from damaging those we love. The time between the flash point and the actual face to face encounter might allow for conditions to improve and for a better solution to the problem.

Given the nature of our world, where words and feelings need to be shared without any controls to filter content, we could certainly benefit from the two hour delay.

Today, if you are in a stew, take a delay in your thoughts and actions, pray a little, and then come forward with a calmer and more sane response to whatever you're facing. I believe the rest of your day will go much better.


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