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Real feel minus 1

Cold frigid weather will often find weaknesses and quirks in your car. (all dependent upon leaving your car sit outside in single digit weather)

A short list of things that go sideways on days like this include:

1. tired (old) batteries don't want to crank the starter

2. weakened antifreeze

3. windshield wipers frozen to the windshield

4. viscosity of the motor oil going from olive oil to King's Karo syrup texture

5. general metal weaknesses in extremely cold temps

6. tires that feel square as you drive down the highway (at least until some heat builds in them)

7. fuel lines that have a hint of water (ice) in them and allow no fuel to flow

I could go on but you get the idea. Naturally, parking the car in a garage would be helpful and heated garages even better.

Today's Lenten activity points toward maintaining our body in the areas of physical, emotional, and spiritual health during extreme situations. While vehicle maintenance is an ongoing task, so is caring for our souls. Here are a few ways to care for oneself:

1. recharge your batteries on the Word of God and renew the weak areas.

2. strengthen the spiritual antifreeze to avoid being too cold and distant nor boiling over into rage

3. warm your heart so that your eyes and face reflect the peace found within.

4. soften your heart and allow the spirit to flow freely throughout your body

5. put on the full armor of God to protect yourself and maintain body health

6. exercise the two hour delay to allow your life to warm toward godly beahviors

7. void impurities out of your heart and mind that obstruct flow of the Holy Spirit.

Clearly, one need not attend to any of the things listed above but hardship will surely follow. Nobody I know willingly seeks discomfort or hardship, yet I will pass by people today in the midst of a crisis (vehicular related and life issues).

Folks who have done the work of maintaining a life that has less drama are primed to apply their help to those who have not. They have listened intently to God's Word and used the direction found there to find protection and success. They are more easily able to assist folks who either couldn't maintain their soul or who didn't think it necessary.

If you are struggling today, stop and assess your life. Identify where changes and maintenance might need to occur. Seek God's help and dig into His word. Reach out to other people for help.

For those who maintain their spiritual health, be available when one in crisis approaches. Be the voice of care and reason. Point the distraught toward pastors and churches that offer help and hope.

Tips of the day: If you're going outside, bundle up and don't stick your tongue to any steel posts.

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