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We get paid to do this??

Every job has its doldrums! Whether one runs a bulldozer, scrubs a floor, bakes a casserole, or sits in the Oval office, there are elements of each job that are less desirable than others. Having done three of the four mentioned jobs, I concur.

Here are words from someone in the past who carried disdain for life itself. This writer was way beyond dealing with the administrative duties and sounds as though he was near burn-out. It wasn't a portion of the job he disliked it was EVERYTHING!

"So I hated life, because the work that is done under the sun was grievous to me. All of it is

meaningless, a chasing after the wind. I hated all the things I had toiled for under the sun,

because I must leave them to the one who comes after me."

Wow! Here was a troubled spirit! The one who wrote this was King Solomon, The king who had everything, the one who was wiser than all others, and the one who wrote Ecclesiastes among other things, was done with life. (Or at least it sounds that way) Makes one wonder how someone who appeared to have it all could be so "debbie downer". Can I suggest that this king lost sight of his purpose?

For my calling to pastoral ministry, I am grateful. I relish the chance to teach and equip people for ministry. I love to sing praise to God and immerse myself in the Bible. It is a joy to walk alongside another person on their journey of faith. Together, we are always learning something new about God each day. To care for those who are in seasons of grief brings me closer to understanding grace and mercy in my own life. My achilles heel in this pastoral vocation is all the paper work! The administrative side of ministry is daunting. It isn't impossible but it is necessary. Ughhhh.... I probably won't go all 'king Solomon' over the tedious part of ministry. I will do my duty.

Yesterday, I had the privilege to chat with many folks who come to our Wednesday banquet. This was a day of energizing for me. Sharing life, praying for, and encouraging folks are things about ministry that make administrative tasks more bearable. Yesterday was Mary's birthday and she was sure to let me know. We could not have a banquet without singing 'Happy Birthday' to Mary and so we did! Mary is seen here in the lower left hand corner of the picture sporting her hat!

Maybe today finds you in a season of dread and disgust for life. Maybe you can't see any reason for this day. Maybe you have come to an impenetrable wall and see no way forward. Stop! Look around you and really look into the faces of those nearby. Is there someone who needs your smile, your word of hope, or a word of acknowledgement? Don't give up but move forward with the light and grace of God!

The rest of the story is this....

After we sang Happy Birthday to Mary, she returned to her seat and along the way fell and broke her wrist. She actually had a bag of ice on her wrist in the picture above. Please say a prayer for Mary, since she'll be going to surgery this morning. Let's intercede on behalf of Mary and all who suffer this day.

Blessed to walk with you today and every day!

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