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There's no cold water in the spigot...

Putting out fires day after day gets me feeling weary. I don't know how our first responders do it. God bless every one of them. Me, I like it when things run smoothly. It's not like I can't or won't tackle an issue when it arises, but life is more fun when everything is copacetic.

Yesterday afternoon, I heard the words that every husband dreads. "The cold water isn't working in the bathroom sink." (*insert frowny face here). Grabbing a flashlight, I headed to the bathroom. Yep, sure enough there was no water flowing into the sink. After checking the shut off valve, I wondered, "hmmm, I wonder where the nearest store is that has 'rent a plumber'?"

Before one can fix a problem, you have to know the source of it. Craning my neck and contorting my body into the cabinet, I immediately saw the cold water hose was crimped shut. It had been recently worked on and the contractor had inadvertantly tightened the hose and twisted it shut. (Easy Fix!) After loosening and straightening the hose, I turned on the water and viola! Water was flowing! [And water was dripping....] Not only was water dripping from the hose but the drains on both sinks were wet and leaking (*insert frowny face 2.0 here).

The hose was old and dry-rotted. It was leaking around the fitting. Both drains looked like they needed some teflon tape and pipe sealant. Time to run to the hardware. A half hour later, I'm back. I have a new hose and some sealant. The new hose fixed the initial leak. Yes! For the next hour and a half, I tore both drains apart and reinstalled with appropriate teflon tape and pipe sealant.

Back in the 80s and 90s, I often heard the term "Teflon Don" and knew it to mean that nothing would stick to a particular criminal type. Everytime this person would be charged with a crime, he would escape scrutiny because of his non-stick personality and power.

In plumbing, teflon is a wonder drug for leaking fixtures. Teflon tape and sealant reminds me of the close connection we can enjoy with Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the one who heals our drips and brokenness and works much like teflon does in plumbing (*insert happy face here).

Jesus never shrugs a shoulder or rolls an eye over our plight. God is the original 'first responder' and awaits our impassioned plea for help.

"A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother."

(Proverbs 18:24b, NIV)

If your soul feels as though it is leaking life and in need of some healing, reach out to Jesus and ask for his care. He will bind up your wounds, restore your soul, and stop the leaking of your hope.

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