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I love Spring! (A little.)

The long dreary winter with its gloomy cold days can demoralize and make me feel like a zombie. The promise of spring, warmer temps, and glorious bursting forth of flowers makes my heart sing. On the other hand, I suffer from spring pollen induced sinus issues. And so it begins. Dizziness, sinus pressure coupled with burning eyes and running nose accompany me most everywhere I go. Why am I whining and complaining? Cause I can. Should I? No! If I'm not open to have a doctor run some tests and diagnose my health issue then I should probably be content with discomfort. Also, I should keep silent

Our lives are severely affected by sin. The separation from God we experience causes discomfort, pressure, and problems with spiritual equilibrium. Sin, confessed and repented of is cared for by the redemptive work of Christ. Punishment for sin is experienced by those who choose to not confess and not stop sinning.

"Why should any living man complain when punished for his sins?" (Lamentations 3:39, NIV)

Sinning with no remorse and complaining when God punishes us is akin to suffering from seasonal allergic reactions and not going for treatment. God offers us the 'treatment' for sin. It's Jesus!

If you suffer today from guilt and shame of sin, seek Christ and receive God's Rx for your ills.

PS: I'll be seeking some medicine to relieve my allergy symptoms.

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