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I was a nervous wreck...

Apparently, I don't get out much and have been disconnected from advances in automobile technology. Yesterday, I traveled to another town for a meeting. This event would be an all day gathering. I was lucky enough to be a passenger and as we drove up the road I noticed many nuances in the vehicle. This particular car had separate controls for heated seats, separate controls for cabin temperature, and a couple neat options that included:

* an alarm light in each mirror that would come on if someone attempted to pass us (blind spot


* an alarm that would beep when we exceeded the speed limit. (I would have to disconnect this in my

own vehicle if I had it)

* an incessant beeping everytime we varied our path on the highway (sensors could tell when we

drifted over the center line or white lines on the shoulder.)

* the backup camera to alert of an obstructions behind the vehicle (which included a beeping sound if

there was anything behind said vehicle.

On our journey to the meeting, all these amenities in the new car were really cool! Fast forward 14 hours and approximately a dozen interviews later. We were exhausted and it was time to go home. Now the smartly accented interior is glowing with a combination of soft LED lighting and brightly illuminated dashlights.

* Beep Beep, oops, too fast.

* Beep Beep, oops, strayed over the center line

* Blink, Blink, look out! Someone approaching in the passing lane

* Beep, Beep, oops, we left our turn signal on too long

All the cool car features were beginning to wear on my frazzled state. A mix of nausea and new car smell began to make my head spin and then all the added external stimuli created feelings that had me considering how far I would roll if I bailed out of the car while doing 55 miles an hour... It was so nice to be able to crawl into my old pick-up and start home. No beeping and blinking occurred. Ahhh!

The Old Testament Law was probably a lot like the bells and whistles in this new car. The Law continually pointed out faults in the way a person was living, but didn't really bring about any sense of peace. In fact, the Law may have made people more uptight as they tried to walk the fine line of legalism. (An impossible way to live with any freedom)

The guiding principle for Christian living is Jesus Christ and His grace. Our sins are the things we do to set off all the alarms in our new car. As the alarm sounds, we try to correct but our distractions won't allow it. A better way to live (minus the bells and whistles) would be to attend to our relationship with Jesus. To be confessional and repentant in heart and to have healthy conversations with Christ allow life to flow forward freely. Concentrating on living in grace produces a life that stays in lane, stays in speed limits, and watches dilligently for other drivers. My final analysis of the car ride includes a twitch that still won't subside. Think I'll stick to the 13 year old truck a while longer. At least until my hearing gets worse and my eyesight fades.

Beep! Beep!

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