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Now how did that happen???

(Overheard in many households)

-Honey, the car is making a noise!

-What kind of noise?

-Well, it's sort of a screeching, clunking, grinding, ka-chinga-chinga sort of sound-ish.....

-When does the sound occur?

-All the time.

-When did the noise start?

-About three weeks ago....

(Brake rotor beyond repair)

(brake rotor new out of the box)

Our faith is much like car parts. When new, the possibilities are endless and when broken or stressed then we are in trouble. The brake rotor pictured above....yep, the one that is in two pieces, is beyond repair. It has been destroyed and will make a nice ashtray someday. The other rotor....the shiny one in one piece.... is ready for use and will assist you in stopping the automobile with ease.

Back to our faith. When we first experienced Christ, our faith burst forth with excitement and fervor. We needed to tell everyone of the newfound hope we had in Jesus and his salvation power. If we're negligent in inspecting and maintaining our faith, then over time it will erode and weaken.

How do we inspect our faith and measure the health of our trust in God? in Christ? Simply put, faith is trusting God to care for us and believing the truth claims of the Bible. Are there ways we can renew our trust and faith in God? Yes. Do you belong to a church that emphasizes grace and forgiveness? Are you engaged in a faith community that promotes Christ and his redemptive nature?

Seek a church where your faith is strengthened and where a challenge to grow is accentuated. Don't be afraid to be stretched and reshaped by God's word. Allow God to work in your life and on your faith so that when trials and stresses come, you'll be able to withstand the pressure and experience a faith bolstered by God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Be involved in:

1. Prayer -- the backbone of a strong faith and even stronger church

2. Presence -- worship regularly and support sisters and brothers who strive to the same

3. Give -- strong faith and a grateful heart sees a need and offers financial help

4. Serve -- helping those who have lost hope is another faith strengthening exercise

5. Witness -- our faith in God who cares and loves us is something we'll need to share with others

Finally, be accountable to other sisters and brothers in a faith community. When transparency increases, trust increases. When trust increases, strength increases. Spiritual maturity will always expand and grow in this place. (Never let it be heard in a common household)

-Honey, my faith is on it's last leg.

-How did it get that way?

-Not sure.

-How long have you felt this way?

-It's been a long time.

PS: No vehicle emergencies in the household. Images are stock photos. Phew!

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