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We've got the power!!

Thinking about joining the monster truck racing circuit. I'll need about 1 million dollars for start up costs and then an army of engineers, fabricators and technicians but other than that I think I'm a lock.

We went to the Monster Truck Nationals last night and had a blast...just watching these 10,000 pound behemoths roar around the arena. Not sure what's under the hood but whatever it is develops 2,000 horsepower (which is probably 1,800 more than I need). The size of these vehicles is best appreciated when standing beside them. For comparative value, our son in this photo is 6 feet tall.

Certainly these machines have been modified just a little bit but none the less are earth shaking, eardrum splitting, car jumping beasts. But wait, there's more!!!

Seriously, if you and I have accepted Jesus Christ as our Savior, then we have a power that would, could, and can dwarf the monster trucks at last night's show.

No, I did not fall and bump my head nor did I inhale too much exhaust.

Our deadness is made alive in Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit (HS) [1 Peter 3:18].

Our lostness is found in the power of the HS.

Our old person is set aside and regenerated brand new in Christ by the HS [Romans 6:4].

"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with

hope by the power of the Holy Spirit." (Romans 15:13, NIV)

While monster trucks are fun to watch and maybe just a little intoxicating to dream about, our place in God's heart is what makes life worth living. Too often, sisters and brothers who have received Jesus as their Savior never tap into the power within them. They are more like the crushed cars left lying in the arena last evening with their broken bodies left in shambles. Faith wavers and doubts creep in to affect our relationship with God.

Holy Spirit living is living with victory in our hearts and allows us to see that nothing is impossible with God. Doing things greater than Jesus did (John 14:12) is a possibility if we'll allow the unfathomable power within us to have freedom to work. Today, love the Lord with all your soul, mind, and strength and allow the Spirit to energize your faith journey and see if you don't experience a difference. You don't need 1 million dollars, engineers, fabricators, or auto techs....just faith.

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