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Mothers are God's idea.

Have you ever witnessed a child being born? I have done so four times. Every time I was left speechless as a newborn baby experienced atmosphere for the first time. Amazing!

For every person (except Adam and Eve) that has ever inhaled on this planet, there is/was a mother. In the beginning when God created Adam and Eve, the design for humanity included procreation. Imagine Adam and Eve's joy and pride when Cain was born then later when Abel came to be.

Mother's are so unique in that they carry a child for months and months as great change and development occur. There is an incredible link strengthened between child and mother even before birth.

Having been present with Tracie when she bore our four children, I can tell you unequivocally that she is 100 times tougher than I will ever be. Not only during childbirth but throughout the growth of our kids, Tracie has been a rock and powerhouse of strength. She mastered the child on one hip and another child in her other arm easily (all while cooking a meal).

In the dead of night, she would hear the faintest cry or noise from the children's room and I slept on through. It is almost as though Tracie had bionic ears or hearing. Maybe it is true that men (fathers) have selective hearing....

Today is Mother's Day and could easily be designated for the other 364 days of the year as well.

We celebrated mothers yesterday at First church and it was fun for the men of the church to come together to make a Tea and Dinner for the ladies. It felt good to serve them and make the day a special event. (Mother's Day Tea at First Church)

Just last week, I visited my own mother and can say that she is tougher than any man I know. She often recalls how at 8 years of age she sat at the bedside of her older sister Caroline as fever took Caroline's life. She remembers the day she came home from school to hear her younger brother had been struck and killed by an automobile. Mom's home burned to the ground in 1947. So much pain and suffering yet mom is the most positive person I've ever know. Nothing...let me say it again, NOTHING seems to sway mom from an enduring faith in God's goodness.

Admittedly, mom's eyesight is failing, her body is getting more frail everyday, and her memory takes momentary lapses in connection. And I suppose at age 84 one should expect this. She is the last of her family and has mentioned all of her parents and siblings going before her. She wonders why? I had no answers. Mom is a survivor. She always has been.

Hardship can either crush or strengthen a person. I believe mom could have easily succumbed to all the pain and suffering but chose to see hope in the midst of darkness. Her faith keeps her going.

If you are a mother, are you experiencing great pain and suffering? Do you know the feeling of not being able to bear children? Are you close to throwing in the towel? Consider the promises of Jesus Christ and see if you don't have a change of perspective. Let nothing sway your faith in God's richest promises. Happy Mother's Day!

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