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Look both ways...

Over 50 years ago, my parents, siblings, and grandparents always told me to look both ways when crossing a road. Seemed like such a bother but it was drilled into my head none the less. So, it came in handy when Tracie and I went to London in 2003. They drive on the opposite side of the road there. Instead of instinctively looking to the left first, we were warned to look right first (Think deeply about this).

Highway laws help keep cars in the correct lane, instruct them to stop when they are supposed to, and proceed in the correct direction. When these directions are followed, there is a sense of driving decorum.

This will sound dumb, but when I am out on a run and I cross one way streets, I look both ways before crossing. Why, you ask. I personally have driven down one way streets the 'wrong' way. Mistakes happen and I pay closer attention to signage when driving. I can't remember a time when I knowingly and willfully drove the wrong way on a one way street, but I believe many people do from time to time simply ignore the signs. It causes inconveniences in a person's life to obey the one way street sign. A person might rationalize, "I'll have to go three blocks out of my way. It's quicker to just cut up this street and be on my way." And now you know why I look both ways when crossing a one way street. I never know when a driver is cutting corners and breaking the rules of the road to avoid delays in travel. For me to assume that nobody would break a driving law is more dumb than not looking both ways when crossing.

Imagine if every driver decided to disregard the directional signs in a given town. The police, towing services, and ambulance crews would be doing double time to keep up to all the carnage. Cue the "Emergency 51" music here, "KMG 365". A law abiding society just works better.

Oft times, I hear folks rail against the placement of Ten Commandment monuments in public places. I am strongly in support of these guiding principles however. It would be infinitely more important that people have these engraved on their hearts. Jesus mentioned two commandments that I believe encompass all ten. Love God, love neighbors, as we love ourselves.

What would our world look like if humanity stopped placing God first. What would it be like to live in a world where stealing, murder, adultery, idol worship, and various other sins were the norm instead of the exception? What would society sound like when God's way and will are replaced with human will and want? Oh wait, we are currently immersed in a world that has set aside the holiness of God for an 'anything goes' mentality.

The grace of God (right way) goes places our sins take us (the wrong way). It's time for the world to stop going the wrong way (confess / repent). Obedience to God's authority in our lives isn't an inconvenience but a lifesaving act. Living within God's design just works better. There is a spiritual decorum that brings faith, peace, and hope. All this is found in one person, Jesus.

"A simple man believes anything, but a prudent man gives thought to his steps." (Proverbs 14:15, NIV)

Next time you're out for a walk and attempt to cross a one way street, look both ways. Better still, next time you're out driving, mind the signs. Thank you!

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