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You can't mess this up.

We had a really warm day in March and I turned on the air conditioning (AC) unit in my truck. It didn't work! There is nothing worse than operating something only to find out it doesn't operate as expected. The blower motor was pushing air into the cab, but the usual cool air was as warm (hot) as the ambient temperature outside the vehicle. Ugh! My air conditioner had lost the refrigerant. Nothing worse than a pastor dressed up all fancy and walking into a meeting looking like they just ran a marathon. Sweaty! Yuck!

The other day, I was in the local autoparts store and saw a refrigerant recharging kit. The package claimed an AC unit could be recharged, leaks could be stopped, and there was a $15 rebate! Whoa! Having never recharged an AC unit, I was intrigued. Summer is right around the corner. I think....

I read the package more closely and thought, "what do I have to lose?" Did I mention there was a $15 rebate?

Yesterday after work, I popped the hood of the truck and read the instructions on the can of refrigerant. The step by step information (complete with pictures) seemed straight forward. Step 3 or 4 mentioned attaching the connecting feed tube to the low pressure line of the AC unit. Knowing there are two lines on the AC unit got me to thinking, "I wonder how I'll know which line is high and which one is low pressure?" And then the instruction sheet relieved my pressure. It said, "the feed tube will only fit on one of the two lines" Wow, and I was concerned which AC line was high and low pressure. I boldly uncapped the AC line on the front of the engine (the one in plain sight) and tried to connect the feed tube. Humph, it won't fit.

After two unsuccessful attempts, I began to search for the other (low pressure) AC line. Ha. Ha. I found it! It was out of sight back underneath a bunch of other mechanical stuff. After stretching my arm and contorting my body a little I was able to uncap this line and connected the feed tube with ease. The instructions even added this little caveat, "You will hear a distinct click when the tube is connected." Sure enough, I heard the 'click' and felt pretty proud! It's always good to accomplish something and not have any major screeching noises or loud banging sounds.

I am fairly certain there is some bonafide reason for having high and low pressure lines of different sizes on an AC unit. I am convinced it is to keep novice backyard mechanics from injuring themselves or damaging their vehicles. Close your eyes for a second and envision me putting the feed tube on the wrong line and having an incredible explosive event occur. On second thought don't envision that!

To make this short story longer than necessary, the recharging kit worked, the AC unit is now blowing cold air through my pick-up cab and I am happy. There is still a period of time to see whether the AC unit will hold the charge or if further repairs are needed.

As in AC units and in salvation, there is one way to go about these important endeavors. Reading the instructions literally ensures one can't mess up the process. We needn't fret over which AC line is high or low pressure. We needn't fret over which option to choose for our sins to be washed away. When the instructions are defined and clearly labeled, it's practically impossible to fail. Well, it is possible, if we don't follow the instructions. Then it becomes a crapshoot!

"Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through

me." (John 14:6, NIV)

Through our confession and repentance, Jesus meets us and leads us to freedom from sin and away from places of unending fiery heat. Isn't that really cool?

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