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Hang in there.

Ever have one of those 'aha' moments when you realize you're not as young as you used to be? I'm there. I'm a little tired. It's been a busy month of June.

It seems like yesterday, we were just celebrating Memorial Day and now it's bearing down on July 1. Yikes! For the weariness in my body, I give thanks. For the blur of days in June that flew by, I give thanks. Here's why:

1. My family and I could spend 5 days camping in the great outdoors.

2. I got to reunite with many colleagues as we shared laughter and stories over three days while at Annual Conference.

3. The friendships that were forged with the Onondaga Nation Indians have enriched my life. Mission trips are so worth the time and energy expended.

4. This past week has been one to catch up on all the things that needed tended to while I was away.

5. Tonight starts five days of VBS and I pray for each child, parent, grandparent, and guardian to find a closer relationship with Jesus.

Are you feeling a little tired and stressed? Stop and recount your activities for the past 30 days and see if you can identify some celebration points along the way. Give thanks for the people you have met and shared life with and then focus on how those moments and people have blessed you.

Finally, count your relationship with Jesus as one that brings the ultimate satisfaction to your soul. He is one who renews your weary souls and gives your life purpose.

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