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Lord God, thank you for snacks.

Name something that is absolutely adorable. I bet some of you are saying things like:

Baby bunnies, kittens, puppies, maybe newborn babies, and such.

I offer you this.

The Lewistown community vacation Bible school is a little over halfway to completion and each evening our leader has sought children who are willing to pray. Some of you adults just shuddered didn't you?

These children are volunteering to come to the front of the church in front of approximately 130 people and speak into a microphone and offer an earnest plea to God.

Adults either shudder wondering what their child might say or they shudder because they can't envision themselves standing up in this public setting and praying. Oh, to have the exuberance of a child unimpeded by fear or limitations. Instead, we adults are fearful of having nothing to say to God or worse still we don't want others to critique our petitions. Too bad.

Last night our volunteer 'pray (er)' came forward, took the microphone, we bowed our heads, and this was offered, "Lord God, thank you for snacks...." This child prayed for a few other things but what struck me was the simplicity of the prayer offered.

Obviously, there were not many large words or flowery phrases offered by a 7-8 year old child. There were pauses as he thought new things for which to pray. His moment with God was clear and concise, it was honest and forthcoming, and it smelled like the innocence that only children seem to possess. There was no hesitation but rather a rushing toward a Heavenly Father who provides. It was such a sweet moment to witness and to share.

Our children are calling us (adults) to a place where God is real and able to respond to our prayers. Can you hear God's whisper to your heart? Are you responding with exuberance? Do you trust God like these kids trust God? Or, have too many failures clouded your vision and left you with distrust, fear, and a silent heart?

Today, make a decision to let go of all the fear that binds and strangles your childlike faith. Open your heart again to the creator, redeemer, and lover of your soul. The Lord God Almighty awaits your hand to wave in the air when someone asks for a volunteer to pray. Don't worry about what to say or how to say it, just give thanks to the Lord God who is ready to bless you, the prayer offered, and those who need the encouragement your prayer might bring.

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