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That moment when your body out thinks your brain...

"There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death." (Proverbs 14:12, NIV)

Yesterday, I was gathering provisions for a small picnic lunch and searching for wood glue for a project. I parked in an upper parking lot of a local strip mall. I shopped a store where everything is a dollar with no success looking for the glue. Well, I decided to leave the truck there and navigate the steep grade down to a lower store (Think much bigger store and the name starts with a 'W').

I approached the edge of the grade and thought, I can do this. I then looked at my flip flops and hesitated. In a moment the idea occurred to me to simply drive down to the lower lot. Psssh! I can totally do this!

Well, the first 10 yards was fine, then the slope steepened. Okay, I can still do this. It was about this time when I noticed all the Canadian thistles. Welp, too late to turn back now. I will persevere!!

A controlled descent is crucial for traversing steep grades and my descent started out well. Then the ouchiness of thistles in my toes changed everything. No longer could I creep down the slope, I am now sort of walk/skip/half running forward and not gracefully. Another hidden problem was the multitude of ruts and rocks.

Halfway down and I am now just trying to stay upright, get to the bottom, and avoid as many thistles as possible. I'll be checking Youtube later to see if anyone caught my stupidity on video. A possible title to search might be: "Idiot surfing a steep grassy slope" or "Dumb things you see at Wal***t"

Good news is I didn't fall. The bad news is that I did contact more than a few thistles. That is the trouble with slopes; once you start down, all kinds of problems arise you hadn't counted on and then it's a little late to stop and turn back.

As time goes by, I witness our culture attempting more steep slippery slopes that appear to be leading us toward a cataclysmic crash somewhere in the near future. Our culture is embracing ideas and values that on the surface sound legitimate. Unfortunately, deeper research is needed and not often sought. It seems easier to boldly go forward with flawed humanistic suppositions and midstream realize the error of our decisions.

Everyday, I pray for God's guidance for me personally and for our country / world. I pray for humanity to come back to its senses and seek the holiness of God and the instruction found in his Word. I pray for humanity to stop seeking its own ways and activities that are ultimately moving toward death and sorrow. God patiently holds back the 2nd coming of Christ Jesus in hopes that those sliding down the slippery slope of their own choice would stop, turn around, and seek Him.

Whooooaaaaa! Stop!

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